Card Readings have been used as a form of divination for centuries. When Rachel was introduced to the energies that make up the Sacred Mayan Calendar, she felt a deep familiarity and connection with the teachings. Rachel works closely with the energies and has evolved her own spiritual practice to flow with the energetic calendar.  She created Radiant Moments for people to connect to their own energies, discover hidden energies as well as follow along with the daily energies.

Experience the energies 

13 tones + 20 nahuales = 260 day energy calendar

Tones: The energetic frequency of an individual

Nahual: A person's spiritual essence, their moment of radiance

Discovering your energies 

Each person has their own unique energies or radiant moments- consisting of five tones (numbers) that partner with five nahuales (animals). Past energy is given to you from your parents and ancestral lineage, main energy rules both the ego and the highest self, destiny energy occurs when living in authentically, feminine energy is life's challenges and masculine energy represents an individual's gifts and talents.



Radiant Moments Tree of Life 

Learn about all five hidden energies by providing your birthday, time and location.


Private Reading 

Check in with your current energy pull by doing a 1:1 reading with Rachel. Draw one, two, three or more cards from Radiant Moments deck for guidance in your life.

Group/Workshop Reading

Readings are a wonderful addition to any collective space where individuals come to gather. Rachel can provide any type of reading in large group settings, great for retreats, collaborative events and workshops. Readings also  great for any special occasion celebration - from birthdays to weddings or anything else.

Radiant Moments artwork was created by Evan Lorenzen

Poetry by Rachel Askelson