Radiant Moments Deck

Radiant Moments Deck

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Radiant Moments deck of Mayan Energies is a divination tool based on the daily energies of the Sacred Mayan Calendar.



34 Illustrated Cards

 - 14 Number Cards, Numbered 0-13

 - 20 Day Sign Cards, Separated by Fire, Air, Water and Earth

101 Page Illustrated Guidebook

 - Poem and Description for Each Card


Created and Written by Rachel Askelson

Illustrated by Evan Lorenzen


    Cards have been used as a form of divination for centuries. When Rachel was introduced to the energies that make up the Sacred Mayan Calendar, she felt a deep familiarity and connection with the teachings. Rachel works closely with the energies and has evolved her own spiritual practice to flow with the energetic calendar.  

    ​The Mayans worked with about 20 different calendar systems (one of them being our collective calendar of 365 days, they used this to help them track the seasons for agriculture purposes). The Sacred Mayan Calendar is the specific Mayan calendar that Rachel works with and that Radiant Moments Cards are based off of...it is all about energy. The energy of emotions, feelings and connection to yourself and others. 

    Understanding Radiant Moments Cards:

    There are a total of 34 cards in the Radiant Moments Deck

    • 14 Number cards, numbered 0-13

    • 20 Day Sign Cards 

    ​Each "Number" is traditionally known as a "Tone"

    There are 13 Tones in the calendar that relate to the inner energy points. The Maya related these energy points to the main 13 joints inside the human body.

    Each "Day Sign" is traditionally known as a "Nahual"

    The 20 Day Signs represent the outside energy points. The Maya related these outside energy points to the 10 toes and 10 fingers.

    It is the synergy between the tones and Nahuales that create the Sacred Mayan Calendar, offering guidance to your day-to-day life.

    Please Note: The number zero is not included in the daily rotation of the calendar system, but I chose to include the tone's energy within Radiant Moments. There are many variations you will encounter while exploring the Sacred Mayan Calendar; I studied the calendar with the emphasis of the Guatemalan K'iche' language. 


    A percentage of every Radiant Moments deck sold will be donated to MAIA Impact. MAIA Impact School is the first female, indigenous-led secondary school in Central America that offers a holistic education focused on academics, culture and identity, socio-emotional development, and family engagement. By unlocking and maximizing the potential of Girl Pioneers MAIA is creating a generation of women who are empowered and in turn lead their families and communities out of poverty. Together, they can create a more equitable society. Learn more at maiaimpact.org


    Card Measurement: 2.5" x 3.5"

    Guidebook Measurement: 3.5" x 5"


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