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The Determined Leader : April 15, 2023 - April 27, 2023

Updated: Apr 16

The trecena of Kej represents strength and determination. For the next 13 days, immerse yourself in leadership. Stand for what’s right and protect those in your community. Allow physical nature to anchor your drive. And don’t forget that strong leadership comes from adaptability and awareness.


Saturday April 15, 2023 : 1 Kej

Today’s energy encompasses strength and leadership. One is the number of unity and represents the ideas that are circulating in your head - things you have been thinking of doing or trying, but haven't yet. Kej is the energy of the deer and is known as the protection. The deer has the ability to protect its community. To stand for the greater good with determination and bravery. Set aside any doubts and start to interact as a leader. You can initiate change in some way or another, and today invites you to really begin this journey.

high vibes : inventive : aware

low vibes : succumbed by fear : stubborn

steady your vibe : physically connect with nature today : begin a plan of action


Sunday April 16, 2023 : 2 Qanil

Today's energy carries a sense of balance and joy. Two is the number of duality and represents the choices you make as a leader. Q'anil is the energy of the rabbit and is known as the abundance. It may be a good idea for you to make some decisions today about your current projects. Eliminate anything that doesn't serve your dreams, and enjoy the progress you've already created. If you feel like you need assistance, don't hesitate to look for some sort of partnership to compliment your work. Having another set of eyes on what you're trying to grow can be highly beneficial.

high vibes : confident : resourceful

low vibes : misguided : egotistical

steady your vibe : work on your decision making skills by doing a rapid fire of Q&A : enjoy your current relationships and ask if they need any extra support today


Monday April 17, 2023 : 3 Toj

Today's energy is all about giving back to yourself. Three is the number of action and represents the act of integration. Toj is the energy of the puma and is known as the offering. These energies together emphasize the need to tune inwards and replenish your personal energy. The puma wants to give so much that when it falls on a 3 day, it can finally give some major love and attention to itself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with devoting one day to your needs, and having this downtime will only help you as a leader.

high vibes : inner work : loyal

low vibes : doubtful : depleted energy

steady your vibe : give yourself space today to fill up your energetic cup : make a donation to an important cause today and then get something small for yourself


Tuesday April 18, 2023 : 4 T’zi

Today's energy is meant for justice. Four is the number of stability and represents the stability you've built as a leader. T'zi is the energy of the dog and is known as the truth. These energies together have the ability to create a balanced system. Anything that is 'wrong' can surface today and the truth can be revealed. Work hard for these wrongs to turn into rights, and continue to journey through your leadership role. Don't hesitate to speak up today if you witness anything that doesn't seem right. The energy of today will support your voice.

high vibes : organized : honest

low vibes : analytical : shy

steady your vibe : reflect on your past wrong doings and find meaning in your punishment


Wednesday April 19, 2023 : 5 B’atz’

Today's energy offers heightened creativity in your work. Five is the number of empowerment and represents hard work. B'atz' is the energy of the monkey and is known as the creation. Together these energies emphasize the need for creativity. Whether you write, paint or speak today, look for ways you can bring in artistry to your focus. Work extra hard today on your current creations.

high vibes : willing : committed

low vibes : restless : territorial

steady your vibe : take some time to color / doodle to open up your innate creativity


Thursday April 20, 2023 : 6 E’

Today's energy is all about the necessary boundaries on your journey towards leadership. Six is the number of flow and represents working toward finding solutions. E' is the energy of the lynx and is known as the path. Today you should feel extra supported on your journey; this support comes from your ability to not only create boundaries but also to push boundaries. Opportunities you may have not even thought of before may present themselves suddenly. The more you step into your own self-worth, the deeper your journey evolves.

high vibes : rhythmic : abundant options

low vibes : attached : feeling lost

steady your vibe : go on a long walk : get lost on your walk but clear with your thoughts


Friday April 21, 2023 : 7 Aj

Today's energy gives you space to shut any doors that no longer are needed open. Seven is the number of reflection and represents neutrality. Aj is the energy of the armadillo and is known as the home. You may feel an intense pull to finalize details today. The more finished things feel, the more you can offer to others in a secure and loving manner. The armadillo brings a sense of calmness to the world. That's why it's known as the home. If you have a stacked pile of 'to-do's', take it easy and remain calm. Let go of any projects that aren't feeling like they satisfy your heart.

high vibes : present : calm

low vibes : insensitive : introverted

steady your vibe : keep yourself accountable today by sharing with someone what you want to accomplish and then keep them accountable by having them check in with you at the end of the day to see if you completed your task(s)


Saturday April 22, 2023 : 8 I’x

Today's energy feels passionately balanced. Eight is the number of harmony and represents ease and fulfillment. I'x is the energy of the jaguar and is known as the passion. The combination of these energies is an essence of serenity. There's something so elegant about the jaguar and when it's combined with the number 8, grace is what exudes. Dig deep today into your passions, specifically in the sense of leadership. Everything may feel like it's flowing today, and you should focus on that magic in the air. Don't hesitate to try something new today within your current role of leadership. Your idea or process may just be the next big thing to propel you ahead.

high vibes : whole : dreamy

low vibes : static : intimidating

steady your vibe : meditate outside and let the elements of the natural world guide you


Sunday April 23, 2023 : 9 Tz'ik’in

Today's energy embodies the vision of the future. Nine is the number of perseverance and represents great cycles. Tz'ik'in is the energy of the eagle and is known as the vision. Together, these energies create powerful focus, rooted in patience and nurture. Take your leadership skills to the next level and begin to make plans far ahead of time while envisioning the end goal. Call in women who inspire you to create this master plan. Map out any patterns and get meticulous with your timeline. There's nothing like having a deadline especially when it's a passion focused project.

high vibes : intentional : successful

low vibes : conflict : bored

steady your vibe : connect with strong females today and talk about their personal goals : grab any inspiration from what they're saying and implement into your work


Monday April 24, 2023 : 10 Ajmaq

Today's energy embodies the collective forgiveness. Ten is the number of manifestation and represents societal connection. Ajmaq is the energy of the bee and is known as the introspection. These energies together create a massive opportunity to gather and open a conversation rooted in honesty and apology. Humans are slow to learn, but when you create space with other humans you can recognize the drive for change within everyone. Some people need more of a push to create change, and sometimes all it takes to spark that inspiration is seeing others in action.

high vibes : stable : excited

low vibes : fragile : shield of dishonesty

steady your vibe : get involved with a larger group today (virtually or physically) : discuss personal and communal change


Tuesday April 25, 2023: 11 Noj

Today's energy embodies scattered intellect. Eleven is the number of resolution and represents tremendous potential. Noj is the energy of the coyote and is known as the knowledge. Together these energies create opportunity to discover answers in places or spaces you'd least expect to find them. Don't get hung up on a regimented routine today, your mind is more likely to come up with ah-ha moments while cleaning the nook in your house you suddenly thought needed to be cleaned. Go with the scattered flow of your mind, just be sure to jot down your good ideas when they come.

high vibes : understanding : outside the box thinking

low vibes : distracted : isolated

steady your vibe : talk with both like-minded people and diverse minded people today : start reading a book you've always felt was a bit over your head


Wednesday April 26, 2023 : 12 Tijax

Today's energy embodies the understanding of healing. Twelve is the number of comprehension and represents the learning of important lessons as a leader. Tijax is the energy of the owl and is known as the healing. These energies together create a massive opening for clarity. Healing doesn't occur overnight, especially when fighting for what's right. There will be ups and downs on your journey to leadership, but today you can look back on your past and understand the bigger picture of what it is you're striving for. Remove any negativity that could be clouding your judgment. Understand the journey is long and not every day will feel as magnetic as others.

high vibes : healthy : positive energetic release

low vibes : stubborn : removal through bypassing instead of understanding

steady your vibe : just for today focus on removing any not so good behaviors you tend to have and replace with better ones


Thursday April 27, 2023 : 13 Kawoq

Today is the last day of the trecena of Kej. Tune into your journey the past 13 days and acknowledge your bravery as you stepped up and into the role of a leader. Thirteen is the number of ascension and represents otherworldly energies. Kawoq is the energy of the turtle and is known as the storm. The turtle is the feminine healer, the one in which soothes and nourishes after the damage has been done. Together these energies create intense and powerful opportunities for healing to take place. Call in your ancestors for healing support and ride the waves into your more advanced perspective of what it is to step up and take charge.

high vibes : psychic : nourishing

low vibes : denial : blame mentality

steady your vibe : look for things you can tend to with deeper care today : take time to nourish yourself using the element of water



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