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The Hero Within : April 28, 2023 - May 10, 2023

The trecena of Ajpu represents the highest self within all of us, it's the great heroic energy that each person holds. For the next 13 days, focus on the heroic light within yourself and how you personally can shine that light out into your world.


Friday April 28, 2023 : 1 Ajpu

Today’s energy encompasses the highest strength and power that lives within. One is the number of unity and represents the ideas that are circulating in your head - things you have been thinking of doing or trying, but haven't yet. Ajpu is the energy of the human and is known as the warrior. These energies together encourage you to grasp onto your highest self and tune into your higher purpose here on earth. It's time to begin your journey as a hero, whatever that may look like for you.

high vibes : motivated : exuberant

low vibes : trying to take everything on at once : extreme challenges

steady your vibe : spend time alone and feel into what you want to do with your life and what your unique calling is to create positive change : help someone who needs assistance


Saturday April 29, 2023 : 2 Imox

Today's energy embodies decision making, and the choice that you must make in order to follow your dream. Two is the number of duality and represents the choice you have as a hero. Imox is the energy of the crocodile and is known as the dream. These energies together offer an opportunity for you to decide how you want to tap into the subconscious energy of the world. What is hidden that you are being called to share and surface that can further the collective dream. Choose wisely today.

high vibes : strong willed : leader

low vibes : conflicted : moody

steady your vibe : Journal about recent dreams you've had and break down any symbolism they may hold to guide you as a hero


Sunday April 30, 2023 : 3 Iq'

Today's energy embodies the internal dialogue within you. Three is the number of action and represents the act of integration. Iq' is the energy of the hummingbird and is known as the spirit. These energies together emphasize the integration that must take place today for your spirit. Taking from yesterday's notes on your dreams, what truly speaks to your soul? Allow your inner voice and gut feelings to guide your movement. Flow with your external spirit, and allow your highest self to move freely as you navigate your heroic self on the soul level.

high vibes : integration : adaptable

low vibes : fearful : destruction through the need to help others

steady your vibe : Close your eyes and allow your body to move in whatever way it feels called to : Listen to music or listen to the sounds of your surrounding environment and use your intuition to move


Monday May 1, 2023 : 4 Aq'ab'al

Today's energy embodies the physical nature of the heroic characteristics you embody within. Four is the number of stability and represents the foundation of your heroic self. Aq'ab'al is the energy of the bat and is known as the birth. These energies together create the building blocks to really organize this new energy you're creating as your highest self. It's the dawn of the day, opening up even more space for you to light a path of newfound strength.

high vibes : organized : loving soul

low vibes : analytical : shadow self

steady your vibe : Analyze the shadow you carry and look into how you can accept that side of you : In what ways can you bring light into your dark side?


Tuesday May 2, 2023 : 5 K'at

Today's energy embodies the attachments you're currently holding on to. Five is the number of empowerment and represents hard work. K'at is the energy of the spider and is known as the connection. Together these energies emphasize the need to spend some extra time breaking away from any energies that aren't supporting your growth. It might take some extra work today to break loose from the negative attachments in your life. It is also a good day to make new connections and network in a community that's working toward the same goals as you are.

high vibes : excited : committed

low vibes : narrow minded : high strung

steady your vibe : Take a look at what comes easy today within your interactions : DOn't apologize for taking a step back if you need to : Thank anyone that isn't currently supporting your life and stay focused on your goals


Wednesday May 3, 2023 : 6 Kan

Today's energy embodies the strong intellect that comes from the act of teaching and learning. Six is the number of flow and represents working toward finding solutions. Kan is the energy of the serpent and is known as the awakening. Together these energies emphasize the ability to learn from someone else. Be open to whomever today. They may offer subtle teaching for you to tune into and integrate into your own life. You may also have the opportunity to teach from your own experiences. Share your wisdom from a grounded space.

high vibes : realistic : tranquil

low vibes : wishful thinking : displeased

steady your vibe : If you do learn something from someone else today, thank them! : Reflect on people who have made a big impact in your life and think about how amazing it is that we can learn so much from a stranger we pass in the streets because there are no preconceived judgments on where their teachings are coming from


Thursday May 4, 2023 : 7 Kame

Today's energy embodies the fears you must face in order to really step into the role of a hero. Seven is the number of reflection and represents neutrality. Kame is the energy of the owl and is known as the transformation. These energies together emphasize the uncomfortable aspect of ourselves. What have you been sweeping under the rug that no longer feels like you can hide it? Uncover the layers that you've built to protect yourself and reach a state of acceptance. When you unveil your darkest moments, you no longer need to wear a mask. Be true to yourself and know that the process is painful but you have the strength to take it on.

high vibes : compassionate : positive

low vibes : lack clarity : denial

steady your vibe : Stand in front of the mirror today and reveal your darkness to your self : Feel the sadness or the shame and then give yourself permission to feel better through forgiveness and a commitment to do better


Friday May 5, 2023 : 8 Kej

Today's energy embodies the fullness of the natural world. Eight is the number of harmony and represents ease and fulfillment. Kej is the energy of the deer and is known as the protection. Together these energies emphasize a wholeness that is balanced and true. If you were able to look at your shadow yesterday and take off your mask, today will be a beautiful day where you will feel ease and a deep connection with the simple things like nature. Although nature is actually complex, the refreshing energies of the outdoors will soothe you. Your drive to be the hero in your community is going to feel much more balanced today.

high vibes : graceful : observational

low vibes : angry : frustrated

steady your vibe : Take at least 10 minutes today to simply be with nature : Go outside and read a few pages from a book of poems


Saturday May 6, 2023 : 9 Q'anil

Today's energy embodies the maturing of life. Nine is the number of perseverance and represents great cycles. Q'anil is the energy of the rabbit and is known as the abundance. Together these energies emphasize the seed of your dreams ripening today. A secure feeling of your growth and progress thus far as you're shape shifting deeper into your truth. Today represents the beauty of cycles and growth. This energy reminds you that all things come full circle and the more intentional you can carry out your deep seedings of life, the more gratitude you'll feel the next time the pattern repeats.

high vibes : patient : generous

low vibes : pity : ego

steady your vibe : Create some sort of ritual today where you can 'plant new seeds' : Physically plant seeds to hold your highest intentions or plant your seeds of dreams in other ways that feel good to you


Sunday May 7, 2023 : 10 Toj

Today's energy embodies the essence of returning favors. Ten is the number of manifestation and represents societal connection. Toj is the energy of the puma and is known as the offering. Together these energies emphasize the power in giving back to your community, and the positive impact through supporting those in need. Today is a great day to make a donation to an organization that is working towards justice.

high vibes : stable : caring

low vibes : selfish : flighty

steady your vibe : Take some time doing research about an organization that aligns with what you are passionate about : Discover what you can do to help them, whether that is through a direct donation, share or spending time to take on a task they need help with


Monday May 8, 2023 : 11 T'zi

Today's energy embodies the temptations that may occur along the path to your highest self. Eleven is the number of resolution and represents tremendous potential. T'zi is the energy of the dog and is known as the truth. Together these energies emphasize the confused energy that occurs along the journey. There are days when you will feel 100% in it and ready to take on the world, and then there are days where you will feel conflicted and wondering if the hero role is truly for you. Old negative behaviors may present themselves to you today, and they may feel quite tempting to lean into. However, if you stay strong and pure your energetic frequency will raise its vibration.

high vibes : grounded : true to you

low vibes : distracted : indulgent

steady your vibe : Take an extra pause before engaging in any activity today and ask yourself if you're choosing to partake because 'why not?' or does it resonate with your highest vibration : Say no to something that doesn't represent your truth


Tuesday May 9, 2023 : 12 B'atz'

Today's energy embodies the masterpiece of your life's purpose. Twelve is the number of comprehension and represents the learning of important lessons as a leader. B'atz' is the energy of the monkey and is known as the creation. Together these energies emphasize the beauty in weaving your story. The beauty of imperfection and mistakes that aren't seen when you step back to view the canvas. Today is a day to embrace the beauty of the story you're creating. There is so much power today to understand your purpose and to truly understand what being a hero means to you.

high vibes : grateful : trusting

low vibes : stubborn : doubtful

steady your vibe : Do something artistically creative today : Make a mess with your work and when finished only see it as beautiful


Wednesday May 10, 2023 : 13 E'

Today is the last day of the trecena of Ajpu. Tune into your journey the past 13 days and acknowledge your personal heroism as you stepped into the version of your highest self. Thirteen is the number of ascension and represents otherworldly energies. E' is the energy of the lynx and is known as the path. Together these energies emphasize the spiritual path that you're on and always have been on. Ask for guidance today from your guides. These past 13 days have taken you through a journey of ups and downs, a state of high and low frequencies. You have been tested throughout this trecena and it ends on this day of opportunities to deepen your path.

high vibes : ancestral knowledge : expansion

low vibes : denial : makes decisions for others

steady your vibe : Embrace today fully present : Look for new opportunities that can deepen your path and say yes!



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