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The Structure of Personal Power : May 11, 2023 - May 23, 2023

The trecena of Aj is all about making tough decisions in order to bring harmony into your home and community. For the next 13 days, focus on your strength when you stand in your power. Aj can be seen as the spine, it's time to stand up straight and make the proper decisions despite any outside judgment.


Thursday May 11, 2023 : 1 Aj

Today’s energy is embodied by the potential of positive growth. One is the number of unity and represents the ideas that are circulating in your head - things you have been thinking of doing or trying, but haven't yet. Aj is the energy of the armadillo and is known as the home. Together, these energies create opportunities for profound growth through tough decision making. Receive support and encouragement from your loved ones as you share your ideas of positive change you'd like to implement into your home and community. Be on the lookout for any new opportunities that come your way. Today is not a day to succumb to other people's beliefs. You've done a lot of soul searching in the past few months, don't let it be for nothing. Make your own path by standing strong in what you believe in.

high vibes : potential : harmony

low vibes : daydreaming : nervous

steady your vibe : put together an action plan : write down on paper what your goals and beliefs are in the morning, that way if you are ready to stand in your power if you are questioned


Friday May 12, 2023 : 2 I'x

Today's energy is embodied by the polarity within your home. Two is the number of duality and represents the choice you have as a hero. I'x is the energy of the jaguar and is known as the passion. Together, these energies create a connection between the feminine and masculine. What is your potential as the most magical being? How can you bring passion and fun into your home life. Today can indicate the relationship between your partner or it can relate to the connection you have with your surroundings, both material and natural. Get in touch with your magic, and reveal any mystery you've been protecting.

high vibes : complementary : passionate

low vibes : closed off : too focused on materialism

steady your vibe : play with your passions today, go outside : what differences occur when you work more in your masculinity vs. femininity : pull the best characteristics from your dual nature


Saturday May 13, 2023 : 3 Tz'ikin

Today's energy is embodied by your inner vision. Three is the number of action and represents the act of integration. Tz'ikin is the energy of the eagle and is known as the vision. Together, these energies create an emergence of your personal prosperities. Focus on all the areas in your life that you'd like to see flourish. You hold the ability to look deep within and determine what matters today. This isn't a day for short term progress, today is intended for you to look far ahead into your future and the abundance you'd like to create. How can you sustain your home environment and work towards your greatest successes.

high vibes : understanding of your core values : focused on your life goals

low vibes : doubtful : disregarding your plans and goals

steady your vibe : journal about your core values and determine a few prominent ones : map out your future and create current actionable steps you can take to reach your goals


Sunday May 14, 2023 : 4 Ajmaq

Today's energy is embodied by the ability to forgive. Four is the number of stability and represents the foundation of your heroic self. Ajmaq is the energy of the bee and is known as the introspection. Together, these energies represent the acknowledgement of the messiness that comes with being a human. The mistakes you've made in your life are lessons for you to not only learn about yourself but to learn about others. Today is a day to see others as the way they are, which mirrors the way you are. Forgive people today, and work on correcting your wrongs. Three is a day of inner work and Ajmaq is a day of introspection so today on 4 Ajmaq, we find ourselves in a consecutive energy of focusing within rather than embellishing your progress.

high vibes : understanding : honest

low vibes : unstable : saying white lies

steady your vibe : embrace your mistakes like they're your idol's : laugh and learn at the messiness of life


Monday May 15, 2023 : 5 Noj

Today's energy is embodied by your ability to work on your solutions. Five is the number of empowerment and represents hard work. Noj is the energy of the coyote and is known as the knowledge. Together, these energies emphasize the task at hand; you already have the knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done, today is when you need to implement that knowledge. You may be thinking more clearly today about your current mission. Be a problem solver and know that your greatest ideas will come from your nonlinear thoughts.

high vibes : empowered : quick to respond

low vibes : distant : questioning your own thoughts

steady your vibe : put extra time into your work today : connect with like minded people to keep you motivated and inspired


Tuesday May 16, 2023 : 6 Tijax

Today's energy is embodied by supportive healing. Six is the number of flow and represents working toward finding solutions. Tijax is the energy of the owl and is known as the healing. Together, these energies create the process of removal. Allow the powerful forces of the universe guide you today as you make eliminations of anything that's no longer needed on your journey, you are supported whether you see it or not. In order to get to the truth, you must strip away any excess negativity. Healing is most definitely possible when you edit out the disease.

high vibes : trusting : forceful

low vibes : mixed up with others negativity : holding on to baggage

steady your vibe : concentrate on eliminating anything and everything that you feel is 'bad' for you (what are you eating today? tune in!) : lean into your inner healer and do what's best


Wednesday May 17, 2023 : 7 Kawoq

Today's energy is embodied by closure. Seven is the number of reflection and represents neutrality. Kawoq is the energy of the turtle and is known as the storm. Together, these energies represent a time of both beginning and end. Seven is all about the end of a specific energy, and Kawoq is the renewal of life. You may have been focusing so much on something specific in your life for the past 260 days and today you may feel like what you brought into this world in that time now feels like it's reached the end. If there's anything that you need to finish today, it would be a great time to do so. Tie up any loose ends and if whatever you attempted to bring into the world was just that, an attempt, find your peace in letting it go and turn your attention where your energy is better suited.

high vibes : ready to finish and/or find closure : embracive of life's ups and downs

low vibes : stuck in the past and any failures : depressed and upset

steady your vibe : finish a project that's almost done and just needs those final touches : wash away any negative thoughts and use water as a form of healing today


Thursday May 18, 2023 : 8 Ajpu

Today's energy is embodied by the wholeness of your highest self. Eight is the number of harmony and represents ease and fulfillment. Ajpu is the energy of the human and is known as the warrior. Together, these energies create a powerful day for you to honor yourself and your hard work. We just came out of the trecena of Ajpu; a time where you faced your light and darkness, and here you are today in the wholeness of your divine self. You are able to shed light on your human journey, and to activate your bravery. Today is a celebration of your divine quest. Enjoy your victories.

high vibes : grounded : uplifted

low vibes : cyclical energy : moping about what isn't

steady your vibe : have some sort of ceremony to honor your journey : sit under the sunlight and allow the warmth to fill your soul with ease


Friday May 19, 2023 : 9 Imox

Today's energy is embodied by your life's dream. Nine is the number of perseverance and represents great cycles. Imox is the energy of the corcodile and is known as the dream. Together, these energies emphasize the need to disconnect from the masses and return to your dreams. Imox can get easily overwhelmed and feel chaotic, so allow yourself to slow down the external need to please and do and tune into your deepest desires. You can feel the energy of everyone without diving deep into their world. We all have a common world and energetic vibration, but what is yours? Today is a double energy of the divine feminine. Connect with females or connect with your divine feminine. What can you learn from your sole creations?

high vibes : beautiful energy : creative

low vibes : intense obstacles : overloaded with others energies

steady your vibe : spend time near water today : dip your toes into the collective unconsciousness but embody your truth fully


Saturday May 20, 2023 : 10 Iq'

Today's energy is embodied by collaborative communication. Ten is the number of manifestation and represents societal connection. Iq' is the energy of the hummingbird and is known as the spirit. Together, these energies create a need to talk it out with those working toward the same goal. What is the community goal? Your words carry great strength today, and the wind can carry words of inspiration or turn into a hurricane of fury and anger. Make sure to plan your words wisely today before sharing with people. Be open to listening as well. Even though you have a lot of wisdom to share, listen to what others have to offer as well. Connect and collaborate together for your next steps to success.

high vibes : receptive : positive message

low vibes : independent and closed off : destructive message

steady your vibe : pause and prepare before sharing your thoughts : take time to sit outside and watch the leaves on a tree


Sunday May 21, 2023 : 11 Aq'ab'al

Today's energy is embodied by bringing in new concepts from yesterday's communication efforts. Eleven is the number of resolution and represents tremendous potential. Aq'ab'al is the energy of the bat and is known as the birth. Together, these energies emphasize the newness of all things. Even when working so diligently on a common shared goal, there will always be a new spark of inspiration that can suddenly bring you to an entirely new idea. Today reminds you to be open to this source of 'new'. Where can you bring this revitalized energy into your current focus? How does it change your route? Don't get caught up in the initial plan you mapped out on paper, understand the zig zags along the way will one day create a beautiful congruent journey.

high vibes : fluid movement : renewal of ideas

low vibes : confused by the moment : emotional darkness

steady your vibe : when you wake up first thing in the morning, don't open your eyes fully and discover the information that lives in the in between : watch the sunset


Monday May 22, 2023 : 12 K'at

Today's energy is embodied by the release of physical belongings or experiences. Twelve is the number of comprehension and represents the learning of important lessons as a leader. K'at is the energy of the spider and is known as the connection. Together, these energies emphasize the need to look at what you've gathered on your journey. What are you holding onto that you no longer need? Somewhere along the way, we have all collected things, whether that is a physical item that carries meaning or an experience that we've attributed your experience to. Sometimes we no longer physically carry the item but it's still at the forefront of our experience. Today is a day to let go and release anything that is no longer apart of your current journey. If it isn't helping you, it is holding you back. Honor your gatherings, but don't let it weight you down. Clear out space for you to gather new pieces of your future self instead.

high vibes : understanding : gratitude

low vibes : heavy heart : overly attached

steady your vibe : after physically removing items that you no longer need, spiritually cleanse by walking through your house with burning palo santo or sage : give thanks to anything you're getting rid of, including a story you've continued to tell yourself, and then release


Tuesday May 23, 2023 : 13 Kan

Today is the last day of the trecena of Aj. Tune into your journey the past 13 days and acknowledge your strength as you've stepped into your sincere self. Thirteen is the number of ascension and represents otherworldly energies. Kan is the energy of the serpent and is known as the awakening. Together, these energies create the powerful wisdom from the past that can be used once again, today. Revisit teachings from your past, or from your ancestors (grandmothers and grandfathers). Call in their energy now and learn from their mistakes, learn from their successes and lean into the powerful creation of its energy. You can empower others through sharing past wisdom or you can disempower others by not sharing. Focus on the harmony of your home, your community and share with love and the understanding that you too are learning. Implement this newfound knowledge and wisdom into your daily life. Continue to weave your energy in and out of your home in order to create your unique ripple into the collective ocean of knowledge.

high vibes : connected : empowering

low vibes : closed off from any energy beyond the physical : unwilling to grow

steady your vibe : talk to a family member and ask them to share any wisdom bestowed upon them from their grandparents : share any insights to your friends and ask them to also share their own family stories



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