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The Renewed Connection : April 2, 2023 - April 14, 2023

The trecena of Ix connects us to the natural world. For the next 13 days, there is a powerful renewal of energy to create the deepest, loving intentions for our sacred spaces and places. Allow your soul’s passions to guide you through, remembering the importance of caring for what came first, honoring any space in which your energy comes into contact with.


Sunday April 2, 2023 : 1 I'x

Today is a powerful day to ignite the mysticism that lives within. One is the number of unity and represents the ideas that are circulating in your head - things you have been thinking of doing or trying, but haven't yet. I'x is the energy of the jaguar and is known as the passion. The jaguar represents the feminine expression, and is connected to mother earth. Wake up the magic within you and recognize the spirit in everyday objects. Believe in yourself and believe in the unseen. Begin a new way to connect with your surroundings.

high vibes : creative : magical

low vibes : overwhelmed : materialistic

steady your vibe : journal outside : believe in the magic that surrounds you


Monday April 3, 2023 : 2 Tz'ikin

Today is a good day to learn how to balance your visionary gifts with business. Two is the number of duality and represents the synergistic movement of your mysticism. Tz’ikin is the energy of the eagle and is known as the vision. Today’s energy offers you a fortunate perspective with a touch of luck. Perhaps soaring into your passions with a bit more clarity as you’ve tapped into your magic. Focus on your current mission and see things for what they are. Don’t question what’s coming in for you, create your own balance and don’t allow any distractions to get in your way.

high vibes : complementary : high energy

low vibes : confused : irresponsible

steady your vibe : meditate with a selenite crystal on your third eye chakra


Tuesday April 4, 2023 : 3 Ajmaq

You need to turn your focus inward today. Three is the number of action and represents the act of integration. Ajmaq is the energy of the bee and is known as the introspection. These energies together emphasize the need to self analyze, reflect and forgive. Whether you feel shame from a recent comment made in a group conversation or if you feel shame from something you’ve been carrying for years, today is a powerful day to release that shame and energetically move forward. If you need to forgive others, do it privately through journaling. Today isn’t meant for outward expression, truly to dive deep and forgive yourself.

high vibes : inner work : conscience

low vibes : insecure : dishonest

steady your vibe : take a day off from the amount of time you engage with your phone


Wednesday April 5, 2023 : 4 Noj

Today is all about aligning your passions and securing your vision. Four is the number of stability and represents your mysticism taking on physical form. Noj is the energy of the coyote and is known as the knowledge. As you’re building your foundation, don’t hesitate to look beyond the confinement of your plans. There’s still much more to do to make your unseen passion come alive, but you’re creating stability and placing your plans in their rightful place. Like minded people are great energies to assist you today.

high vibes : systematic : confident

low vibes : bossy : lonely

steady your vibe : sit beneath the moon and soak in its vibrant energy


Thursday April 6, 2023 : 5 Tijax

Today offers a shift in the way you approach your work. Five is the number of empowerment and represents hard work. Tijax is the energy of the owl and is known as the healing. In order to move ahead, you must remove any energies that don’t fully support your passions. Open up space for your soul’s healing and release what doesn’t benefit you. Determine where you want to focus your energy, as not everything or everyone may be worth your precious time. Take the reins on what you desire and reconnect to the healing that you’ve worked so hard for.

high vibes : willing : powerful force

low vibes : restless : angry

steady your vibe : carve out time for a powerful practice of releasement


Friday April 7, 2023 : 6 Kawoq

There is the potential for tremendous growth today if you are open to receiving the nourishment. Six is the number of flow and represents working toward finding solutions. Kawoq is the energy of the turtle and is known as the storm. Today you can reach a higher level of balance with the help of mother earth and father sky energy. Work to soothe and smooth out any kinks as you continue deepening your passion(s). And take in all the support you can through the natural world as it will further your inspirations.

high vibes : rhythmic : one with nature

low vibes : attached : substance dependency

steady your vibe : get in some water today : enjoy a foot bath


Saturday April 8, 2023 : 7 Ajpu

Everyday you get to choose the level of control you have over your personal energy. Seven is the number of reflection and represents neutrality. Ajpu is the energy of the human and is known as the warrior. The way you decide to show up in the world today is highlighted, and you have the opportunity to choose the divine within. Think about the pieces of yourself in which you hold in high regard. Your highest self can truly thrive when you are extra mindful of your actions and reactions.

high vibes : present : exuberant

low vibes : insensitive : extreme obstacles

steady your vibe : celebrate who you are with a personal dance party : pause before every moment you have to react and remember who you are at your core soul level


Sunday April 9, 2023 : 8 Imox

Your passions are taking on a form of their own. Eight is the number of harmony and represents ease and fulfillment. Imox is the energy of the crocodile and is known as the dream. The magic you witness while dreaming can surface today and ripple out into your physical world. Make sure it’s your dream you’re dreaming though, otherwise you’ll find yourself attached and floating with nowhere to go. You can feel incredibly balanced in your thoughts today and have new useful ideas emerge that can fully assist you on your passionate journey.

high vibes : whole : creation

low vibes : static : emotional

steady your vibe : ground and create : create and ground


Monday April 10, 2023 : 9 Iq'

Tune into your breath today as you speak and witness the impact your words can have. Nine is the number of perseverance and represents great cycles. Iq’ is the energy of the hummingbird and is known as the spirit. Today offers opportunities in communication. To speak with love and to honor your softness. If you can connect with inspiring women today, it would be beneficial for you and them. Uplift the people that surround you, especially give words of gratitude to the strong, empowering females in your life. Your words are everything today.

high vibes : intentional : graceful

low vibes : conflict : destructive

steady your vibe : sing a song with loving words : spin around outside, moving freely


Tuesday April 11, 2023 : 10 Aq'ab'al

Today is a great day to collaborate with others in order to bring something new into your passion. Ten is the number of manifestation and represents societal connection. Aq’ab’al is the energy of the bat and is known as the birth. The dawn of the new day holds endless possibilities for you to explore the energy between the unseen and seen. Your mind is a world inside of the world you live in and connecting with others can propel your passion forward. When other people have similar goals, your minds can meet together to enhance your original idea. Just be mindful of who you decide to choose to best support what you’re working toward.

high vibes : stable : serene

low vibes : fragile : negatively influenced by others

steady your vibe : watch the sunrise or sunset with your closest friends : dream up ideas during that time


Wednesday April 12, 2023 : 11 K'at

Today is a day where you could get a little too tangled up in what’s already taken place. Eleven is the number of resolution and represents tremendous potential. K’at is the energy of the spider and is known as the connection. You’ve made energetic connections throughout your life and through each experience you’ve had. But you can’t hold onto all of them. If you’re feeling like your energy is scattered that’s because you have too many feelings that are lingering from your past. Stay present and know that your abundance will come when you let go of past ties. It’s time to take a good look around and finalize some closures.

high vibes : understanding : driven

low vibes : distracted : distressed

steady your vibe : go outside to pick some flowers or plants and collect anything that you’re drawn to into a bundle : when you’re finished, take them back home ad drop them all at once : let these flowers represent your energy moving forward : catch and release


Thursday April 13, 2023 : 12 Kan

Today you should have a deeper understanding of what you’ve been working toward. Twelve is the number of comprehension and represents the learning of important lessons. Kan is the energy of the serpent and is known as the awakening. The wisdom and power that you’ve acquired throughout your life’s journey is here to support you today. Don’t get caught up in any illusions today. Remember to tune into your unique abilities to translate any profound teachings today. You too can share what you’ve learned to help others on their own journey. We individually endure our own paths in order to create the road where we all walk together.

high vibes : healthy : grateful

low vibes : stubborn : overly dependable

steady your vibe : share something you’ve learned in your life that made a profound impact on the way you currently live


Friday April 14, 2023 : 13 Kame

Today is the last day of the trecena of I’x. Tune into your journey the past 13 days and honor your commitment to follow your passion. Thirteen is the number of ascension and represents otherworldly energies. Kame is the energy of the owl and is known as the transformation. Today’s energy is emphasized by the spirit world; the energies that live beneath the veil. You have the opportunity to fast track an element of your spiritual evolution today. Focus on something that specifically pertains to the passion you’ve been pursuing the past 13 days. Give it your entire attention and call in your spiritual guides as they can assist you to break down any fearful barriers that may be holding you back. Break through fully, your mysticism should be outwardly shining from your physical body today.

high vibes : psychic : renewed energy

low vibes : denial : lack of acceptance and power

steady your vibe : sit with your altar and fine tune your intuition by working with cards and other divination tools



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