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The Beginning of New Dreams : March 20, 2023 - April 1, 2023

Updated: Apr 3

The trecena of Imox marks a new beginning. One is the first number in the sacred calendar system, and Imox is the first day sign. These two energies symbolize the start of a new cycle that will carry us through the next 260 days. For the next 13 days specifically, your dreams have the potential to guide you. Take the initiative to follow your current calling and begin something huge.


Monday March 20, 2023 : 1 Imox

Today is a powerful day to start a new dream. One is the number of unity and represents the ideas that are circulating in your head - things you have been thinking of doing or trying, but haven't yet. Imox is the energy of the crocodile and is known as the dream. Today holds pure potential for you to begin again. To reinvent your passions and to to dream up anything you desire to change for the next 260 days. Pay attention to your dreams and decode any messages you receive from them.

high vibes : motivated : creative

low vibes : overwhelmed : mood swings

steady your vibe. : journal about your dreams and any new ideas : take a few moments to physically ground down, pause and breathe


Tuesday March 21, 2023 : 2 Iq'

Do you feel the excitement of this new beginning today? Two is the number of duality and represents the synergistic movement of your dream. Iq' is the energy of the hummingbird and is known as the spirit. You may be moving quickly and feel a bit all over the place. But just because you're on the move doesn't mean you can't be graceful. Look deeper into the words that float around you today. Pay close attention to how you communicate as well and focus on the spoken word to activate your dream,

high vibes : decisive : inspired

low vibes : impulsive : destructive

steady your vibe. : think twice : take a dance break


Wednesday March 22, 2023 : 3 Aq'ab'al

You may start to really feel your idea coming in today. Three is the number of action and represents taking inward action. Aq'ab'al is the energy of the bat and is known as the birth. This dream of yours is more alive today than the past two days. It is definitely not fully ready to emerge, but internally you feel its' conception. Give your space for some self reflection today, and integrate any plans for forward motion as the creative process has truly just begun.

high vibes : integrate : illuminated passion

low vibes : uncertain : negatively influenced by external forces

steady your vibe. : have some alone time : watch the sunrise or sunset by yourself


Thursday March 23, 2023 : 4 K'at

Feeling a bit more secure and stable today after having some much needed downtime yesterday? Four is the number of stability and represents your dream taking on form. K'at is the energy of the spider and is known as the connection. Today would be good to collect anything you need to better support your passion. What things can be useful to actually sustain what you're working toward? Also, start to network with other people today. Gather anything you need (information, organization, list of contacts) and begin to create your network of support.

high vibes : systematic : detail oriented

low vibes : inconclusive : high-strung

steady your vibe. : get organized : make a checklist or two


Friday March 24, 2023 : 5 Kan

You may be realizing that this dream of yours is going to take creativity and commitment if you truly want it to thrive. Five is the number of empowerment and represents hard work. Kan is the energy of the snake and is known as the awakening. Wake up to the journey of success. There will be times of victory and times that you feel you've gone backwards. This is all part of your process with this dream you're working on. Just for today, work harder than you have in the previous days. Having all of your energy devoted to this is going to benefit you so much in the long run.

high vibes : focused : tranquil

low vibes : impatient : overly dependable from others

steady your vibe. : work outside if you can : exercise to keep your mind focused


Saturday March 25, 2023 : 6 Kame

There are multiple layers of energetic balance, and today is good for you to call in outside forces to assist in your steadiness. Six is the number of flow and represents working toward finding solutions. Kame is the energy of the owl and is known as the transformation. Part of the process to transform your dream is to also transform yourself. There must be balance between the physical and spiritual world. Blend these two together today. Call in your guides and then get real with finding pragmatic solutions.

high vibes : realistic : positive

low vibes : wishful thinking : lack of personal power

steady your vibe. : meditate first thing in the morning : go after the day ready to resolve


Sunday March 26, 2023 : 7 Kej

Sometimes in order to gain perspective, one must literally experience life differently. Seven is the number of reflection and represents neutrality. Kej is the energy of the deer and is known as the potential. Today you may feel like your dream has reached its' peak of creation. You're able to look at what you've done in the past week and see a clearer path of where you're headed. For added inspiration, sit outside and allow yourself to be present with your surrounding environment.

high vibes : new opportunities : observational

low vibes : lacking clarity : frustrated

steady your vibe. : put an end to anything that you don't see progressing within your dream


Monday March 27, 2023 : 8 Q'anil

You may be feeling like your dream has really evolved and matured today. Eight is the number of harmony and represents ease and fulfillment. Q'anil is the energy of the rabbit and is known as the abundance. Today is a great day to acknowledge the growth that has taken place in just a short amount of time. Are you tending to your dream the way you'd like or does it need a little more nurture and love? Spend some extra time feeling grateful for what you've grown thus far and know that this dream of yours will only continue to flourish if you nourish it.

high vibes : whole : genuine

low vibes : withdrawn : egotistical

steady your vibe. : plant some seeds : dig your feet beneath some soil


Tuesday March 28, 2023 : 9 Toj

Embodying the divine feminine today will benefit you greatly. Nine is the number of perseverance and represents great cycles. Toj is the energy of the puma and is known as the offering. The divine feminine is both soft and fierce. Today you can be of service to others by offering support to their own dreams. Tough love doesn't have to be perceived as tough, but instead look at it as motivating. Your drive will be seen more when you show up calm to others.

high vibes : intentional : caring

low vibes : conflict : flighty

steady your vibe. : express your gratitude : acknowledge and give thanks to those that have helped you, especially women


Wednesday March 29, 2023 : 10 T'zi

Today is a good day to check in with your dream and see how / if it can help your community. Ten is the number of manifestation and represents societal connection. T'zi is the energy of the dog and is known as the truth. In what ways can you reach out today? Believe in the good and put your faith in your local community. If you feel like you need help in order for your dream to have a larger impact, reach out, collaborate and watch as your dreams ripple out beyond you to grow even bigger. Accept the assistance from others and make decisions together.

high vibes : aware : authentic

low vibes : selfish : indulgent

steady your vibe. : don't be stubborn and ask for the help you need : create a dream partnership


Thursday March 30, 2023 : 11 B'atz'

You can only get so far by repeating old behaviors. Eleven is the number of resolution and represents tremendous potential. B'atz' is the energy of the monkey and is known as the creation. Today would be good to get creative with your approach to your dream. Is there any work behaviors that don't seem to fully serve you? Release old patterns and expand into new ways of doing things. Who is someone that you are inspired by? Watch how they show up to work and try to replace any bad habits with new and improved ones.

high vibes : grounded : trusting

low vibes : distracted : careless

steady your vibe. : be extra mindful of your health today : make a big delicious and healthy meal


Friday March 31, 2023 : 12 E'

After yesterday's energetic release of old patterns, today you should feel rejuvenated to learn more new things. Twelve is the number of comprehension and represents the learning of important lessons. E' is the energy of the lynx and is known as the path. Look out for any new opportunities that may be presenting themselves to you today. You learned yesterday to not relive your past, but you also have learned a great deal on your journey and can implement knowledge from your own life experiences. Combine what you know with what works and say yes to anything that you think can take your dream to the next level.

high vibes : boundless energy : adventurous

low vibes : stubborn : makes decisions for outside approval

steady your vibe. : go for a long walk : treat yourself to some body work, you can always do a hand massage on yourself


Saturday April 1, 2023 : 13 Aj

Today is the last day of the trecena of Imox. Tune into your journey the past 13 days and honor your bravery today. Thirteen is the number of ascension and represents otherworldly energies. Aj is the energy of the armadillo and is known as the home. Today would be good to honor the spirit world and acknowledge the universe always has your back. Carry on with your dream; make any needed adjustments, but also see it for what it is in the greater realm. You are always being supported on a level that's unseen. Pour your trust into that, and feel a sense of greater harmony and protection in your home today.

high vibes : intuitive : thorough

low vibes : denial : self induced strain

steady your vibe. : fine tune your personal space : reset and re-organize your home



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