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The Social Balance

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with social media? I do!

I have Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. I only use Snapchat with my family members, we send daily pictures and videos. I recently tried to delete my Facebook, because let's be honest, I only like Facebook for its' marketplace these days. But... three days after I 'deleted' my account I wanted to order food to be delivered, and well, I've basically got every other account I've signed up to linked to my Facebook, so I reactivated it.

But, Instagram is different. I find myself scrolling daily, watching stories and liking photos of people I follow. I love being able to see what's happening in people's lives that have been apart of my life. I take breaks often, where I remove the app from my phone and just allow myself to get away. It's always interesting, the first few days on an Instagram break I'll open my phone to take a picture of my baby and then before I know it I'm looking for Instagram. After a few days though, it stops, and I find myself just feeling lighter. I think the longest time I've been off of Instagram was for three or four months, and when I decided to reactivate my account, I knew it would be different.

Well, my social media habits haven't changed substantially at all. Not even after reading the book, 'How To Break Up With Your Phone', or watching the film, 'The Social Dilemma'. I take extended breaks and then get back on. It truly is an addiction, and feels like an all or nothing approach. The thing is, I want to use Instagram but I don't want to use it every day. I literally just took a two second break from typing to check a text message and got on Instagram! And that is the problem...

I'm creating a challenge for myself and for anyone else that feels similar to me and ready to take on a challenge as such. I'm calling it The Social Balance.

Okay, so what is The Social Balance?

Starting December 31, 2020 I am going to once again remove Instagram.

On the last day of January I will sign in to my Instagram account. For one day a month I will use it to check in with people and if I feel called to do so, I will make a post to share with others some highlights of my month. At the end of the day, I will remove the app. Every month I will only sign in to Instagram on the last day, leaving the rest of my days free from social media.

If you're reading this thinking, I can't do that. Then I will offer you to explore the options and what feels best for you. And it can change month by month!

1) The Social Balance - Monthly

2) The Social Balance - Bimonthly

3) The Social Balance - Weekly

I get it, this is not for everyone. A LOT of people utilize social media for their businesses! I love that. If you do run your own small business and feel curious to try this out, hone in on your newsletters! Let people know, Hey! Social media can be a lot, but if you subscribe to my newsletters I'll send you all the things I would normally be posting! Newsletters are great because even with a large following on Social Media, we all know that the true supporters are a fraction of the following.

Also, we are living in a pandemic. A lot of people live alone social media is an amazing daily positive connection. I also love that. Social media is incredible.

The Social Balance is for those seeking exactly that, balance.

I am hoping by creating this challenge that I will finally be able to feel good about the way I use social media. And hope this can be a good challenge for others to try as well.

Let me know if you want to join #thesocialbalance :)

*I don't have negative habits with Facebook or Snapchat. I will continue to look at Snapchat when I receive something from my family, and I don't have the Facebook app on my phone. BUT if you are joining the challenge and feel your habits extend beyond Instagram, then definitely consider doing this with all of your Social Media apps!


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