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The Road Back to You

I committed to reading the books I already own this year instead of buying new ones. I really do have hundreds of books, but the first book I read was a book that was recently gifted to my husband and I. It's a book that dives into the Enneagram. I am already into that kind of thing. Learning about my innate self truly facilitates in accepting and growing with my current self. So, needless to say, I had already heard about the Enneagram and have taken the test to discover my Type. But, I decided this was a great opportunity to dig a bit deeper, as I have never been able to carry a conversation about the Enneagram.

"The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery" written by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile

The book was well written and I was able to finish it with an actual understanding of how the Enneagram works (ie. what a wing really is and how each Type can adopt characteristics of other Type's based off stress and security). The book was written by an Episcopal Priest, so there is a religious undertone to it but I never felt like it screamed Christianity at me. I enjoyed the writing and the connections the author made with the real life examples of each Type. I'm a Type 9 with a 1 wing. Type 9 is The Peacemaker and Type 1 is The Perfectionist. I found it amusing to read the pages that called me out, err... I mean, described me to a T! It is always nice to feel like I have true reasons for being the way I am, but to also give space to who I can be when in balance. Working with the energies of the mayan calendar, I was able to draw comparisons of my mayan energies with the Enneagram. The parallels between the systems were fascinating, as it always is when I learn about myself through any other teaching.

I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about all Types of the Enneagram. I think perhaps most people would read the chapter about their Type and perhaps their wing as well, but I enjoyed all of them. The one thing that really stuck out to me the most is the mask of protection each Type wears throughout life. There wasn't one Type without the mask, and though each mask carries a different theme (ie. scarcity, to be seen, to trust) they all boiled down to one thing: love. We all just want to be loved, and being loved is defined individually. It is up to us to recognize this love in every person we encounter in life. To see the love within instead of the emotions on the outside.

One day, I would absolutely love to hold a workshop that combines the Enneagram, Human Design, Astrology, Life Path Number, Vedic Dosha, and the Mayan Energies (and anything else) that allows you to gain a new perspective of who you are. Honestly, it's a bit eery how parallel they are, offering that much more truth to these teachings and hopefully discovering something unique about yourself within each system. If you are a teacher of one of these systems or knows someone who teaches, send them my way!

Have you ever heard of the Enneagram? Do you know your Type? Let me know :)

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