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Guidelines for 'No New Clothes 2021'

The future of fashion is circular. There are already so many items of clothing available to us in the world, however new items are being made every single day, and in the fast fashion world, at a rapid pace.

When I first expressed interest in doing a no buy year, I had people ask me what that entails. So I'll break down some guidelines here!

1. First things first, unsubscribe from ALL clothing brands that pop up in your emails. Most people are more likely to buy when there's a sale, and it is so easy to do so when you're not even searching on the internet for the item, it just gets delivered straight to your inbox.

2. Focus on what you already have. You bought your clothes for a reason, give them the love they deserve! Feel like, 'I have nothing in my closet' when you stand in front of 75 items daily? Carve some time out to try your clothes on, mix and match pieces and once you feel like you've created a beautiful outfit, take a picture! That way on busy mornings when you don't have the time and feel like you have nothing, you can look through your photos and easily select your outfit.

3. Feeling like your closet is really missing something and you'd like to buy? First, check with your friends! Do they have something that you're on the lookout for that they'd perhaps let you borrow? Most likely, yes. And if not, buy second hand. There are SO many resources to buy nice second hand clothing. Support your local thrift stores. Check out a few of these amazing resources where you can sell and buy clothes.

Depop :: Noihsaf Bazaar :: Poshmark :: Rebag :: Swap :: ThredUp :: The RealReal

4. Have you ever heard of Nuuly? Nuuly is a monthly subscription that delivers you six items of your choosing for $88 and then you send them back at the end of the month and can get six more items! This is a great resource to utilize if you still want 'new' clothes in your closet, but they're not staying. This allows freedom to have some fun. If you've always wanted to wear that leather jacket but would never buy it, try it! You're also not locked into a commitment with Nuuly, you can take it month by month.

My personal goal for 'No New Clothes 2021' is actually just a general 'No Buy Year'.

I truly feel like I have so much already, and I am grateful for that. I want to do my best with not purchasing any clothing, shoes, and accessories - new or second hand. I am going to solely focus on what I have for this next year, and will definitely be asking friends for a borrow here and there if I feel like I need something new.

Want to join me on a No New Clothes journey? Feel free to comment below! I might even create a group of anyone who commits so we can check in with one another throughout this journey. Also, a year can seem like a long time! So please, consider joining for one month as well. The less new clothes purchased, the better for our earth.


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