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Read The Books You Own Club

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I've always wanted to be in a book club. At the end of every year, I think the beginning of the next year I will start one and I never do. And as I am thinking about starting a book club, I am currently sitting across the room from my bookshelf. My books are color coordinated because that's my favorite way to organize (a beautiful display if I say so myself), and only 1/4 of all of my books sit on this shelf as they're the perfect size to squeeze between the bottom and top shelf. Every year when I want to start a book club, I start browsing all of the posts on books I've saved in the past and make a list of which ones I want to buy. The thing is, my book collection is more of a display than words I've taken the time to read. In all honesty, I've probably only read 20% of all of the books I own.

So, as I look forward to 2021 and think about the books I am going to read, I am looking no further than my current collection. I was even thinking of removing all of my 'display' books and only adding to the book shelf once a book has been completed.

I consider myself to be a minimalist, but the more I really tune into my habits I am most definitely a sucker for consumerism. I should also mention, I consider myself a mindful consumer. But, I want to challenge myself for this new year and only focus on what I already have in my life.

Join my 'Read The Books You Own' book club for 2021! Although we won't be reading the same book, I am inviting a new way to share in a book club. And to share together our answers to these questions... What's the story behind the book? What drove you to get it in the first place? How have you changed as a person since you purchased this book?

Things to consider if you really want some new books in your life:

Borrowing books from friends and family

Purchasing from a used and local book store

Supporting 'The Bookshop' online where you can shop your local book stores and have them delivered


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