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Ceremonies are intentionally created for any shared gathering, such as --- baby showers, blessingways, birthdays, bridal blessings, wedding celebrations, and any private group gathering. 

Ceremonies are intended for individuals to create a deep intrinsic connection with one's self. My intention is to hold space for people to reconnect to the inner world through reflection, receiving, release, and renewal in a safely held environment. As a facilitator, I specifically create the ceremony to align with the day's unique energy; incorporating breath work, guided meditation and sound healing.


Ceremonial grade cacao is offered to share at the beginning of the ceremony.

Cacao is gentle, carrying a love-filled energy that allows people to grow and naturally experience profound states.​ Cacao increases focus, allowing meditation and mindfulness to become more accessible.​ 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Embue Cacao --- Ethically sourced from Guatemala

Connect with me for any booking inquiries with details of your special gathering.

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