Each number is traditionally known as a ‘tone’ and represents the frequencies of the internal energies.
Below you can reference the numbers 0 to 13 with an accompanied poem.

All artwork was done in collaboration with local Denver artist, Evan Lorenzen
Poems written by myself, articulated by my interpretation of the energies


a vast emptiness lives within the infinite

overflowing with nothing

spilling into everything

a perpetual desire

concealed beneath

attend to this feeling

listen to its calling

a vacancy opened

potential reaches out

step into this space

a blank slate awaits

- zero -


a spark of inspiration

thought fueled flame

unwavering power 

intentional fire

disperse creatively

entirely within

radiance ripples

where you solely stand

- one -


a balance between

intention and reality

opposing elements

partnered elegance

double in strength

if you choose

the world spins on

eternal dichotomy

- two -


the world at large

holding uncertainty

plans pushed back

influenced externally

delay any doubt

do not go out

free from all distractions

integrate your action

- three -


foundation through existence

guidance directed

follow the seasons

nature’s order

morning to night

grounded and stable

steady support

you are the balance needed

- four -


ahead of mankind

the first to arrive

go slow

take your time

absorbed by the silence

savor this stillness

connected heart

breathe in the breath of life

- five -


the deepest root

a cherished bond

friendship connects

health reflects

with each degree

understanding is key

all encompassed vitality

established in concrete reality

- six -


the ladder climbed

now placed aside

your tilted mirror

looks crystal clear

stand with pride

and hold on tight

get ready

take flight

- seven -


thread unwinds

life unfolds

a timeless cycle

infinite and bold

roots tangle

weave and connect

such great fortune

in your sacred motion

- eight -


in life there are cycles

the footprint of being

an unending story

of obstacles and worry

carry your strength

with positive patience

trust in the hardships

they’re yours to meet

designed to be beat

- nine -


the human collective

a composite connection

bonding together

fortify separate

the link to succeed

is in those that surround

expand to manifest

create and collaborate

the harmonious path

is yours to walk

- ten -


wander with focus

down the directionless path

each patterned piece

cementing your past

admire the canvas

then circle back to the now

extracting all beauty

one continuous story

- eleven -


the essence of life

purpose and meaning


emitted through feeling

enclosed in gratitude

adjust what you need

the highest viewpoint

is right where you stand

- twelve -


beyond the physical

past all thoughts

a visceral knowing

unveiling all truths

mystic and profound

your highest self attuned

discovering transcendence 

transforming the norm

- thirteen -