Each animal is traditionally known as a ‘nahual’ and represents the frequencies of the external energies.
Below you can reference the 20 nahuales with an accompanied poem.

All artwork was done in collaboration with local Denver artist, Evan Lorenzen
Poems written by myself, articulated by my interpretation of the energies


a secret disguise

creative knowledge

concealed in your dream

the surface is seen

dive beneath

grasp onto nothing

return to more

- crocodile -


white breath blowing

swaying change

nature’s dance

effortless grace

seek no guidance

feel me here 

delicate quiver

hidden whisper

- hummingbird -


examine your shadow

glistening gleam

through darkness 

light ignites 

hidden pain

strength arises

sole affliction

passion ripples

self healing

love orchestrates

- bat -


curated connection

woven intently

threading your web

mindfully driven

detach from past

recurrent ties

tangled in new

opportunities arise

- spider -


enlightened journey

coiled in bends

intuitive course

transform your force

closed eyes

answers arise

ground to grow

expansion in tow

- serpent -


it’s through great cycles

that wisdom is attained

from cradle to grave

you learn and you change

true evolution 

is a voluntary game

are you up for the role

can you handle the toll

- owl -


the helping hand

strengthened by community

aligned pursuit

protector of harmony

articulated passion

firm on your own

stand for others

breaking down barriers

- deer -


stars in the sky

seeds in the earth 

one in the same

on the physical plane

bursting ideas

endless renewal

abundance is plentiful

when you nourish and care

- rabbit -


conveyed words

surrounding sounds

a sought out release

to project the inner dreams

sit still, hear

offer your presence

surrender response


- puma -


a simple life

playful and free

spiritual essence

authentic to be

the force of justice

right and wrong

buried with lessons

willpower held strong

- dog -


conscious carrier

connecting souls

a beautiful fabric

energy pulls

artistic abilities

delighted pursuits

master your love

serve with grace

- monkey -


a myriad of options

seeking all realms

which road to take

which to turn down 

get lost on your journey

experience to expand

enjoy the ride

destiny lies ahead

- lynx -


the familiar feeling

comfort in knowing

warm and nurturing


step out to live

come back to trust

- armadillo -


mystery and power

the voice of ancient wisdom

speaking in signs

cultivate and listen

dance between the realms

relish in belief

your aspirations are both 

here and there

- jaguar -


deep visions occur

a visceral knowing

behind closed doors

continuous growing

soar with luck

ease in resolve

joyful freedom

perspective is yours

- eagle -


to fully accept

dismiss each fault

trust in yourself

let go of the rest

great lessons are learned

by the authentic sound

- bee -


insightful infusion

inner knowing

community driven

intensified nature

deepen your knowledge

in order to thrive

allow the mind

to wander outside

- coyote -


a powerful force

divine connection

self realization

a karmic cleansing

grab hold of the blade

eliminate to aid

when the ties are cut

you’re open to heal

- owl -


soft inception

a gentle sound

chaos rises

thrashing down

elevate your strength

stabilize and flow

each storm’s end

purified and cleansed

- turtle -


a brilliant evolution

standing in flesh

fearless and valiant

time to dance

appreciate the journey

remember your soul

battle to understand

emptiness and all

- human -