Cacao Ceremony originates from the Maya culture. Rachel connects with cacao by leading participants with breath work; followed by a guided meditation, sacred energetic alignment, sound healing and ending with mantras.

The guided meditation is created by Rachel and influenced by the energy aligned within the Sacred Energy Calendar. Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful way to tune into your surrounding energies as well as your own frequency.

Cacao is gentle, carrying a love-filled energy that allows people to grow and experience profound states.​ Cacao increases focus, allowing meditation and mindfulness to become more accessible.

Radiant Moments uses Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Heartblood Cacao - Ethically sourced from Guatemala



Private Cacao Ceremony - Cacao is a great way to gather with friends, family and loved ones. A unique way to connect with those closest to you, this can be experienced in your home or location of choice. Gatherings are great for any special occasion celebration - from birthdays to weddings or anything else.

Public Cacao Ceremony - Cacao is a wonderful addition to any collective space where individuals come to gather. Rachel can host a cacao ceremony in large group settings. Large gatherings are great for retreats, collaborative events and workshops.