In the stars:

Gemini Sun : Aries Moon : Scorpio Rising

Some things I know to be true:​​

  • Believing is the language of feeling within all of us

  • Creativity is the continuous adjustment of well-being

  • Flexibility is the ever changing balance of stability

  • Resiliency is the ability to cope with disaster

  • Healing systems are belief systems

Some things that changed my life:

  • Getting diagnosed with a chronic stomach condition when I was 19

  • Discovering I was misdiagnosed seven years later

  • Studying holistic health and nutrition

  • Selling my car to study at a healing center in Guatemala + spending three months in the jungle​


Some things that are fun:

  • My husband and I had a Surprise Wedding! We invited our closest friends and family to our engagement party and actually got married.

  • I studied Hospitality Management at UNLV and dreamt of owning my own restaurant one day.

  • I have had 30-something jobs in my life - Hello, Air Sign!

  • I absolutely love my family and am grateful for our closeness.

Rachel grew up in Morrison, Colorado.

She came across the world of healing after years of struggling with her personal health. Determined to heal, Rachel began studying holistic health and nutrition which opened a pathway of exploration. She followed a calling to Guatemala where she thought she was going to pursue herbalism, only to find she had a deep connection to the sacred mayan calendar and the subtle medicine of cacao. Taken aback by the familiarity in what she was learning in Guatemala, it became clear that her healing path had led her to her to deepen her spirituality. When Rachel returned back to Colorado she was able to access another level of health and understanding that was unknown in the past. She has pursued working with the energies in the calendar system, ceremonial cacao and together has created a devoted practice.

Currently, Rachel lives in Wheat Ridge, Colorado with her husband, baby boy and dog Wrigley. She holds workshops throughout Colorado, focusing on the creation of sacred, safe space. Rachel leads cacao ceremonies, and a variety of workshops, all made up of radiant moments.