My name is Rachel and I am an oversharing introvert, or maybe a quiet extrovert? The answer is, I'm both and everything between. I'm a Gemini sun, Aries moon and Scorpio rising. I recently had my Saturn return and also became a mama. Cue the pandemic, and everything I knew suddenly began to change. 

After running my own holistic healing practice for 4 years I decided to step back and just pause. It was the first time in a while that I wasn't feeling like I had to show up and I felt a huge weight lifted off of me. I had time to look at what I was doing and why, and discovered I wasn't feeling fully aligned with what I was sharing. You see, ever since I was 15 years old, I was physically ill. From a young age my focus was to find healing. I was so determined to do so, and then one day I did it. It wasn't as easy as writing that last sentence though. I healed myself after 11 years of seeking healing. I thought that once I healed myself everything would fall into place. But pretty quickly I realized I was in mourning, like really deep mourning. I had just lost a big part of my identity and I had no idea what to think about or what to work towards if it wasn't my own healing, and I felt incredibly confused on it all. 

Fast forward to 2020... my Saturn return, becoming a mama, and the pandemic, and here we are. After focusing solely one one aspect of me for years, I am ready to show up as more. My healing is still a part of me, just not all of me. And I'll save the rest of my saga for future blog posts.

Radiant Moments is a space made up of Collections, and within each collection lives a piece of me.