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My passion in life is to create connection through community. I am a healing guide with the intention to hold genuine space for people to discover healing within. In 2015 I was struggling to understand my physical health and was fortunate to study at a small healing center in Guatemala. Here, I was introduced to the  daily energies that make up the mayan calendar. These teachings provided me with clarity through spirituality that I had never experienced before, and created a foundation for my own healing journey. From there, I was able to navigate the multifaceted nature of my healing through an energetic lens and have only continued to deepen my understanding of the path to healing. I offer others what I believe to be a part of healing. There will never be one thing that heals any individual, it's the pieces of many things when put into practice that create the way. Facilitating space is purely passionate and rooted in my deep love for healing, people and authentic connection.

I hold a degree for Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and am currently working towards becoming an Addictions Counselor in the state of Colorado.

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